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UBC deserts organized labor!

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Shame on Terry Nelson!

St Louis Powercast (Ep 4)

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St Louis Powercast Episode 4

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

President Edwin Hill

Please read IBEW President Edwin Hill's Bio (Wikipedia) to learn more about this progressive labor leader. God Bless President Hill!

Also, please read AFL-CIO President RichTrumka Bio (Wikipedia)

St. Louis Powercast Episode 4

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Fire from the floor!

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Fighting for a voice in Albany

Local 370 members seek democracy in the face of International influence!

"Perhaps the IBEW should reconsider the strength of the UBC as an adversary. For the sake of all union labor, the IBEW members, and even  the UBC rank-and-file, I would hope the IBEW would reconsider its position and move to crush McCarron and Nelson."

Brother Richard Dorrough


      < Click on the thumbnail to see what is happening in Albany New York as UBC Local 370 brothers and sisters stand to be counted! (Once this  document is expanded it can be pulled to any size by clicking-and-dragging on the lower corner)

Carpenters Local 370 Albany New York





     Administrator: There is the mistaken belief within the St Louis labor community that IBEW Local One sat idly by and allowed Nelson to establish his phony group he calls "57", but as has been published here in the last paragraph of the Jurisdiction tab nothing could be further from the truth. Nelson has manipulated the local media and used them as a platform for his attack on the IBEW. Even some IBEW members may perceive our public response as long overdue, but it should be understood that good trade unionists utilize every means possible before beginning a public information campaign. Brother Dorroughs comments below are strong, direct, and convey the frustrations of many within the UBC and the organized labor community at large. Terry Nelson should know and it should be stated that the day will NEVER arrive when the IBEW will accept his phony group. And with the help of our International Organization this powerful, unyielding stance is spreading through the country.

     Local 57 Facts understands the courage it takes to stand up for what you believe in and we salute brother Dorrough and all the carpenters who seek to return the UBCJA to the lofty heights it once held within the organized labor community. Brother Dorrough offered the following two comments this evening, again through the Disqus comment system used by our site. We invite all carpenters to share their concerns here! We want Robert Dorrough to know that he never ceased to be our brother in solidarity!

Brother Richard Dorrough on Doug McCarron and Terry Nelson

     Did we not join a union to stop working in fear? Did we not seek out the brotherhood that is unionism? McCarron and his councils are abusing the rank-and-file in ways that make the anti-union employer look like a boyscout. Rank-and-file union carpenters are leaving McCarrons UBC in droves and the ones who do not quit are thrown out. Since it seems to be all about market share when will someone ask, "where are they now?" Where are these good union brothers and sisters thrown aside by the UBC? The UBC apprenticeship program has a 65% drop-out rate. Why? Because when they find out the reality of UBC membership they find they just jumped from the frying pan into the fire!

I sent this to David Adkins after he said he was going to partner with Nelson:

Brother Adkins,
I just read the statement you gave below and no offense intended, but are you out of your mind? "Given the choice between making the UBC (United Brotherhood of Carpenters) business partners or business adversaries, I would choose to make them partners and will pursue that course of action," Adkins said.
Are you conceding the right of Douglas McCarron and a clown such as Terry Nelson to steal the work of your fellow IBEW brothers and sisters? Are you willing to partner with this scourge and blight on organized labor? Are you shaking hands with Nelson who has made statements against union labor and called his own members a detriment to contractors? I am surprised his own membership has not run him out of the UBC! Nelson is an arrogant, loud mouth, delusional jackass! How can you partner with any such organization that has clear intentions to raid and steal the work of all trades and appoint itself the "king of labor"?
I fail to understand how you could have any other mission, but to drive the UBC out of the electrical business and shut down Local 57 and any future attempts by the UBC and Nelson to steal the work of your members. The worst possible thing the IBEW could do is to do business with Nelson and to make a deal that allows them to continue on their path of raiding. The IBEW must, for the sake of all union labor and IBEW members, crush this attempt by the UBC and Nelson to raid the IBEW. If you do not who do you think will be next?

      The IBEW has not only a responsibility to its members, but a duty to the future of all union labor. McCarron left the AFL-CIO for the sole purpose of raiding other trades and for McCarron to chase his delusion of a new union power with himself installed as its leader. One of his first moves was to raid the tapers and painters in New York and create a tapers local to steal their work. He was soundly beaten by the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) using his own 'representation vote ploy' against him and had to fold up his new tapers local union as a result. How can the IBEWs mission be anything but the same action taken by the tapers and painters?
I am a UBC member and have been for 22 years. I have watched the UBC destroyed under McCarron and his appointed council of fools such as Nelson. Our locals have been decimated; Our democratic rights trampled and spit out; Our funds have been seized against our will and given to council jackass' such as Nelson; Our funds have been lost, stolen and mismanaged by McCarrons councils while the UBC International did nothing; And our market share is in the toilet and dropping daily. In the NYC Council over 27 officers have been indicted, fired, suspended or mysteriously retired due to connections to organized crime, grand theft, and in many cases sheer stupidity. As we speak the NYC District Council is in trusteeship under a consent decree by the federal Government. For 20 years, despite a multitude of letters and cries for help from the membership, McCarron did nothing while these indicted, admitted council thieves robbed the membership blind. Not only did McCarron do nothing, but he supported and empowered these thieves. The ONLY reason McCarron has acted now is because the US Attorneys Office indicted 9 of McCarron's appointees and presented irrefutable evidence of their guilt. 8 of the 9 inducted have all plead guilty. They have admitted that while Mccarron supported them and ignored the cries for help from the membership, they were indeed the low life thieves as charged.
The Empire Council who controls the other half of NY State is also under trusteeship for financial irregularities. They lost over $160 million to Madoff; All officers have been fired and all trustees removed from the funds. Again McCarron ignored the cries for help and evidence from the membership for years. The chairman of the Empire Council Welfare and Trustee on the NYC Council funds is one of the indicted and has been identified as a member of the Genovese crime family. This information has been in the public media for years, yet McCarron and his council have done nothing - not an investigation - nothing! Only now that they are under scrutiny from the US Attorneys Office (and the DOL has received hundreds of complaints form members) has McCarron acted.
Tell me Mr. Adkins, are these the kind of partners you would let loose on your IBEW members? Is this the kind of criminal enterprise you would rather have as a partner? One would think your duty to protect your members and your duty to union labor as a whole would dictate that Nelson and the UBC can ONLY be an adversary and never a partner. We in the UBC are victimized by pompous, arrogant windbags such as Nelson and other McCarron hand picked cronies. Our members are demoralized, disgusted, fed up, and are leaving the UBC in alarming numbers. Is this the future you want for IBEW members?? This is the reality of the "partner" you are choosing to pursue. How could the IBEW even consider doing business with this blight on organized labor? McCarron does not have the support of the membership - just the opposite - members all around the country are educating themselves and joining together to fight the oppression of McCarron and his cronies. The only reason McCarron is still in power is because after the election each local officer becomes a paid shill for the Councils and will do as they are told or risk losing their triple pensions and ridiculous salaries. Well, have a look for yourself - many of McCarrons council appointees are headed to prison, his locals are in turmoil, and the membership is revolting. Perhaps the IBEW should reconsider the strength of the UBC as an adversary. For the sake of all union labor, the IBEW members and even the UBC rank-and-file I would hope the IBEW would reconsider its position and move to crush McCarron and Nelson.

In Solidarity,
Brother Richard Dorrough
22 Year Member Carpenters Local 370
Albany NY

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Carpenters Democratic Union International

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Brother Little comments from April 3, 2002 echo IBEW President Hills message at the Building Trades Unity Rally in June of 2010

Carpenters Democratic Union International

(the following message is reprinted from www.thelaborers.net)


The American union movement long a bastion of pure Democracy, has
been attacked. This attack does not come from the usual suspects,
nonunion companies and anti-union politicians. But, from within the
trade union movement itself, more specifically the leadership of the
various so-called "hardhat unions".

The rank and file union membership, have always held a check against
leaders assuming unbridled power, the simple right to vote. While an
imperfect system the wishes of their membership was something even
the most corrupt union official had to keep in mind.

The first major change in this system occurred when Douglas McCarron
was elected General President of the International Brotherhood of
Carpenters. One of McCarron's first acts was to change the
traditional system of independent local unions. He dissolved many
smaller locals and combined their members with larger locals. McCarron
then combined the remaining locals into "Regional Councils" which
took over the traditional functions of the local unions. Leaving the
local union elected leadership as mere figureheads with no authority.
The Regional Councils are ran by "Executive Secretary/Treasurers"
(EST) who are mostly handpicked McCarron loyalists. The member's
representatives, who were long chosen by direct membership vote, are
now hired employees of the councils who own their livelihood to the
EST and by extension, McCarron. The councils were allowed to decide
whether the membership would have the right to vote on union
contracts and working conditions. Not surprisingly, the councils
universally rejected the right of the membership to accept or reject
their contracts. While bylaws, contracts, and officers are supposed to
be voted by elected delegates. The truth is that the vast majority of
delegates are either employed by the council or hired as such soon
after being elected.

McCarron's next step was to unilaterally withdraw the Carpenters
union from the AFL-CIO citing" philosophical differences". Many
observers felt that McCarron's real motivation was a wish to head a
union combining all crafts under one untouchable leader.

Many worried observers saw his actions, as a naked grab for power in
the historical tradition of many dictators. McCarron denied all
reports of "raiding" other unions' areas of employment; while telling
the leadership of the AFL-CIO he was prepared to return to the fold
as long ascertain conditions were met. Most of these conditions were
thinly disguised grabs for more power and influence for Douglas
McCarron. Including the removal of the elected president of the
Building Trades department.
McCarron's third step has recently become evident. In late March of
2002 he informed a contractors group that he had formed a coalition
of construction unions and would use it to gain concessions for them
(the contractors) from the AFL-CIO.

April 4th 2002 may well mark an historic day in labor history as well
as the death-keel for democratic rights. The Building Trades
President is to present a plan to AFL-CIO President Sweeney for
dealing with the Carpenters union. The proposal will require the
support of the general Presidents of the various unions.
Unfortunately a draft constitution for a new organization called the
Building Trades Federation has been drawn-up. The General Presidents
of the unions willing to affiliate with the carpenter seem to have
forgotten the dangers of appeasement. If they feel that this will
satisfy an unbridled lust for power and money; they have also
forgotten McCarron's habit of dismissing and replacing anyone who has
ever disagreed with him. His promises of lifetime employment have
always carried the tacit threat of summary termination. They may find
that the denial of rights to individual union members will now extend
to individual unions.

Carpenters for Democratic Union International
Ken Little

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WHEREAS, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters continues to pursue a "go it alone" policy and has acted in a manner inconsistent with the principles of solidarity, to the detriment of other building trades unions and the organized construction industry;

Segment from AFL-CIO Resolution 70