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UBC deserts organized labor!

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Shame on Terry Nelson!

St Louis Powercast Episode 2

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St Louis Powercast Episode 2

Download the latest St Louis Powercast to hear highlights from Sheet Metal Workers International Association President Michael Sullivan's speech at the Building Trades Unity Rally!!

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Coming up- Highlights from the IUPAT President Jimmie Willaims speech. Please note: I misspoke at the end of this podcast - President Jimmie Williams was awarded two Bronze Stars, the Army Accommodation Medal and an Air Medal, as well as the Combat Infantry Badge during his service to our country in Vietnam.

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Money Talks...

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Money Talks...

     Examine the Labor-Management document linked here and pay close attention to the highlighted sections. Look closely and you will see thousands of dollars funnelled to a group of non-union electrical contractors Nelson is hiding under the UBC banner. What does it mean when a "so-called" labor leader contributes carpenter money (in the form of target subsidies) to companies who already pay less than the area standard wage rate set by electricians in St Louis?  UBC General President McCarron stalled IBEW leaders as he secretly approved $250,000 in "Electrical Grants" to Nelsons  57 group.  Still buying Nelson's snake oil? Still believe McCarron came to St Louis to find a solution?  We hope that you will continue to educate yourself on these issues! We feel that our standard of living will be degraded if Terry Nelson and people like him continue on their current course. Who's next? How many carpenter jobs could this money have saved?

Some interesting facts regarding new expenditures taken from the funds of real carpenters just for Nelson's vendetta against IBEW Local 1:

  • Jill Clark, classified as 'secretarial', made $62,000+ as a business representative for Local 57 in the six months she was employed by the St. Louis CDC. Karen Ems was the Executive Director of the AEC (Associated Electrical Contractors) for the entire period of the LM-2, but was classified as 'secretarial' and received $60,000+ from the carpenters union. THE HEAD OF THE CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION IS PAID BY THE UNION? Can you say, "CONFLICT OF INTEREST?" So, to make it all right in Terry Nelsons twisted mind in September of this past year his misclassified 'secretary' (then business representative) Jill Clark took over the job of Executive Director of the AEC and the former head of the AEC Karen Ems was reassigned to a position within the CDC. If the CDC/AEC had a family tree there would be no branches, we already know there are no roots!
  • Albart Bond earned 133,000+ whilst masquerading as someone who understands the electrical industry  when all he understands is how to lower wage standards set by true trade unionists!
  • Notice the "reimbursements" to Nelsons new electrical association from the carpenters general fund.
  • 31 memberships to Gold's Gym??? When you earn six figures off the backs of hard working carpenters (and then divert thousands of dollars to put non-union electricians to work) should they have to pay for the administrations gym memberships too!!?!?? 
  • Local 57 Facts is researching other highlighted expenditures that have not been noted here and may post more information later.
  • The Carpenters have committed millions of dollars to this effort to disrupt the labor community when they don't have the craft they are paid to represent 100% organized. The millions they are spending to sign non-union electrical contractors to a sub standard wage contract would go a long way toward signing non-union carpentry contractors. Putting the thousands of unemployed carpenters back to work should be Terry Nelson's top priority. To the Carpenters: The  Building Trades are with you in your quest to take back your union. The jobs that would be created if the millions were spent on carpentry contractors could be yours!

Local 57 Facts called the IBEW for a response to the 2010 (Fiscal year) LM-2. Here is what Director of Membership Development Frank Jacobs had to say about the St Louis CDC's new expenditures for their electrical division:

"A Message to St. Louis Labor Community: How much will the Carpenters of the St. Louis District Council take? The millions of dollars that could have been spent in an industry that would have helped put thousands of unemployed Carpenter to work has been spent on Nelson's personal vendetta against IBEW Local 1. There needs to be an end to this saga in St. Louis Labor history. A solution is for  McCarron to dissolve local 57 at  the end of the contract." 

  And Business Representative Joseph Cousin had this to say after reviewing the LM-2's:

"Nelson lost 1089 carpenter members between 2009 (Fiscal year) and 2010 (Fiscal year) and gained 100 electricians. They shut-down the food pantry designed to help carpenter members, funneled money into their attack on the IBEW, and got a membership to Golds Gym. My heart goes out to the rank-and-file carpenters who are unemployed, they are good men and women who deserve competent representation."

Download the St Louis Carpenters District Council 2010 (Fiscal year) LM-2 for viewing in your web browser or click on the image below to view here!


Don't Lie Terry!

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The Kevin Price Story

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The Kevin Price Story



     One of approximately 21,000 members of the St Louis Carpenters District Council, Kevin Price stands to be counted! The following press release is presented unedited in its entirety:

"I've flat out told them that I don't have a vote in this dog-and-pony show," Price said. "But I do have a voice. And they'll never shut it up."

St Louis CDC member Kevin Price commenting on his battle with the St Louis CDC leadership.

NEWS RELEASE                                                                        October xx, 2010

U.S. District Court Hands Victory to Dissenting Carpenter

In Union-Raiding by the Carpenters' District Council (CDC) of Greater St. Louis

Court Rules CDC Infringed on Free Speech Rights; Issues Preliminary Injunction

     ST. LOUIS A dues-paying member and elected delegate of the Carpenters' District Council (CDC) of Greater St. Louis & Vicinity won a victory in federal court for the right to criticize his own union for raiding the work of another union. On Oct. 8, 2010, Judge Michael j. Reagan of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois granted Andrew Kevin Price a preliminary injunction to prevent the CDC from silencing him for speaking out against the union's formation of a carpenters' electrical division Local 57.

     The court noted that "The council's support for Local 57 has been a topic of considerable discussion and severe disagreement within the union." According to the court, Local 57 was formed in 2008 at the direction of Terry Nelson, executive secretary/treasurer of the CDC. "The council then signed several non-union electrical contractors to labor agreements."

     Among the dissenters in the CDC was Price, who in the summer of 2010 put an anti-Local 57 sticker on his personal vehicle. A CDC representative ordered him to remove the sticker. When Price refused, the CDC filed charges and "...Nelson notified Price that he would stand trial on the charges October 19, 2010, conducted by a standing trial committee (of the CDC)," according to the ruling.

     In characterizing Price, the court noted: "He is a carpenter and a loyal union member. He earnestly believes that the council should spend the union's money assisting carpenters, rather than electricians. Price believes that Nelson formed Local 57 to raid other unions (trying to capture electrical work that other unions historically did), and that this policy is detrimental to the future and long-term goals of the Carpenters' union. Price also believes that Local 57 harms union solidarity and runs contra to the traditional notion of 'brotherhood."'

     After weighing the evidence, Judge Reagan granted the preliminary injunction in favor of Price, halting the CDC's efforts to put him on trial before its internal tribunal and infringe on his right to free speech.

     "The message is clear. Rank and file carpenters are free to exercise their right of free speech within their union as it relates to Local 57 without fear of reprisal," said Christopher N. Grant of Schuchat, Cook & Werner, the law firm that represents Price. "Indeed, the court said it best: 'Price is a proud and loyal member of his own Carpenters union who wants to preserve that union. He vehemently disagrees with certain policies advocated by his current union leaders -- policies he believes are antithetical to the best interests of his beloved union.' ... The right to reform a union from within is protected."

The ruling is case number 10-cv-0741-MJR-PMF and is linked HERE 

The following excerpt appeared in the St Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune October 21-27, 2010 Edition.

Disagreement over Local 57 widespread in CDC, but so is 'fear' to speak out

     The discontent regarding the action of the Carpenters' District Council's leadership to form an electrical Local 57 within the carpenters union is widespread among members, and even some of the union's leadership, but no one wants "to make waves because Nelson (Terry Nelson, the union's top executive) will chop their head off."

     Speaking out candidly to the Labor Tribune, 20-year member Kevin Price is himself a delegate to the Carpenters' District Council (CDC) that is supposed to be the ruling body of the CDC.

     "I've heard plenty of bitching (about Local 57) and a lot of his leadership disagrees with him (Nelson) but members don't want to pursue it. The men are afraid to put them on (the 'NO 57' stickers), but we may see more now," Price added, referring to the ruling last week by a federal judge that carpenters can freely express their opinions about Lo­cal 57, which includes wearing anti-57 stickers, without fear of retribution.

     He said that a CDC official "pretty high up (who also disagreed with the 57 decision) was about to tear his hair out over this issue."

     "The members say it's wrong. Nelson says it's to protect our work, and I'm all for protecting carpenter jobs. But he's taken it to an extreme. There are other ways to settle disagreements. You don't go out and start your own union," Price noted.

     Using an example of his brother he said that they have disagreements, and "we don't get along all the times, but we work it out."

     Nelson has lost sight of what his job is, Price said. "He's acting like the CEO of a company and that members are his commodity. That's not right. He's the representative of us; the bosses are the 20,000 union members in the council."


     "Yes, I'm a bit nervous about it all. Some members tell me I'm cutting my own throat by standing up," Price admitted. "I'm hoping that more of my union brothers will now stand up."

     He added that he has been warned that, "they're going to hurt you. Your union's never going to help you now." To that he replies, "We'll just find out. I'm a carpenter, I'll always be a carpenter. I believe in brother­hood. I've got brothers in my union, and union broth­ers in the Ironworkers, Sheet Metal workers and Pipe Fitters. By all of us standing together, we are stronger."

     He proudly adds that his father was a union pipefitter working in the 50's at Shell Oil. "To me we're a brother­hood. We stand together, all unions."

     However, he said that Nelson himself told him, "Why call it a brotherhood? It's a business."

     Not to me it's not," Price responded.

Other sources carrying the story:

St Louis Post Dispatch - Carpenter tops his own union in free speech case 

The Southern Illinoisan - Judge: Union can't stifle carpenter  

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"We firmly believe that the energies of the Building and Construction Trades unions should first be directed to organizing the craft workers in the markets they used to represent, before they divert their members hard-earned dues in efforts reach out to workers they lack the knowledge to represent and the skills or resources to train."

Statement of United Brotherhood of Carpenters General President Douglas J. McCarron in response to AFL-CIO Resolution 70 - Hey Dougie, practice what you preach!