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UBC deserts organized labor!

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Shame on Terry Nelson!

St Louis News Breaker Vol 1 Issue No 2

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St Louis News Breaker Vol. 1 No. 2

Download the latest issue of the St Louis News Breaker to learn the latest news regarding the St Louis CDC's attempt to undercut area wage standards.




Download Volume 1 Issue No. 2

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Last Updated on Sunday, 14 July 2019 13:34

Prep School Sets Poor Standard

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Chaminade College Preparatory School

endorses contractor who pays substandard wage

If you are a member of an organized building trade in St Louis and a Catholic then you have probably contributed to the Archdiocesan Development Appeal - a yearly fundraiser crucial to the Catholic Church.  Over the years, you may have also donated your trade skills and your Saturdays to your church saving them thousands of dollars. Perhaps you and your family made the personal sacrifices necessary to pay Chaminade's $14,500 tuition because of your faith in the Marianists ability to form a firm educational foundation for your child. If so, then you will be devastated to learn that this educational landmark has decided to endorse the use of subcontractors who undercut your area wage standards.

This action belies Chaminade's mission statement which includes:

  • To provide fiscal stability
  • To develop a concern for global and local issues of culture and ecology
  • To educate for solidarity as well as justice and peace
  • To promote the dignity and rights of women and minorities

Shortly after publishing this story Local 57 Facts received the following commentary from an IBEW Local One member:

      This story really hurt me on a personal level because of the seeming indifference Chaminade is showing to the long-term bond the Catholic Church and organized labor have always shared on the subjects of fair wages and human dignity. I am a lifelong Catholic and a 30-year member of IBEW Local one, but my reference and my touchstone is always right and wrong. I have personally spent many hundreds of hours of my own time helping the Catholic Church. They don't owe me anything, not a penny, not a favor, nothing. I did it to help my community and the church I consider my friend. As a friend I would ask that the Church (or Chaminade) explain why they have chosen in this case to ignore the values of fair wages and human dignity in order to save money. Birkel Electric has shown their contempt for worker rights (See NLRB Ruling – St Louis carpenters union, Birkel Electric violate worker rights) and any attempt to secure them. This fact puts an exclamation point on the Church's philosophical brain-fart. Chaminade, please reconsider your decision to use Birkel Electric.

Your Friend,


Tell Chaminade to stop undercutting area wage standards - download the flyer's linked here to learn more! Click on the thumbnails to preview the download!




Download the Chaminade Parents Handbill




Download the Stop! Chaminade Flyer

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Last Updated on Sunday, 14 July 2019 13:34

Rank-and-file carpenters & electricians - United!

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Most St. Louis Union Carpenters stand with the IBEW!

Most rank-and-file union carpenters from St. Louis and across the country understand our fight, but most are afraid to speak out due to threats of retaliation from the St. Louis UBC.

An informed carpenter

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Last Updated on Sunday, 14 July 2019 13:34

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"We have no intention on intruding on the carpenters' jurisdiction nor do we intend to foment any dispute between our two organizations over jurisdictional agreements."

IBEW Local 1 Business Manager Stephen Schoemehl in a letter to the CDC's Nelson