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UBC deserts organized labor!

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The Florida Intiative

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A grassroots movement in Florida

     Three UBC members from Florida, Carl Barnes, Wayne Harley, and Doug MacCartney, launched a grassroots movement designed to restore the democratic rights of rank-and-file carpenters nationwide. Their website, Members for Democracy, details how they plan to accomplish their goal while working within the restrictive political structure of the UBC. Their hope is palpable. Here is a small snippet from their site:

"Every move our Regional Council makes to divide our trade into specialties; To divide our members into specialists; To dilute our voice in our union or to adulterate our by-laws - we bring onto the floor of our meeting hall. Every action the staff of the regional council makes to deny or hide information from our members - we reveal to the members and file charges against the offending party. It's vital to the health of our union that information pertaining to the employment conditions of our members be available to every member for discussion and response. Also, it is  to our advantage to bring these topics to discussion and reveal the scabby cronies of the EST "hiding in" and "spying on" your local (union). Those that are willing to sell out their brothers and sisters for their own personal gain will reveal their self serving greedy ways to your brothers and sisters - they deserve the contempt of all in our union."

Douglas MacCartney, Members for Democracy

Read more at -

Members for Democracy

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"It's not about 'raiding'. I do not want to organize one carpenter who is part of the carpenters union. Not one."

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades General President James Williams during the AFL-CIO convention.