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UBC deserts organized labor!

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Articles that detail the many raiding attempts by the McCarron run United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

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1   Link   McCarron's Bio
"In 2009 McCarron was forced out of the Change to Win Coalition when McCarron attempted to raid several Change to Win affiliate Unions." This is the very last line of his Wiki page!
2   Link   CounterPunch Newsletter
CounterPunch Article "The Raiding Game" by David Macaray details many of the raiding tactics being used by the UBC throughout the country.
3   Link   LABOR NOTES
Building Delusions at the Carpenters
4   Link   UBC on Wiki
See the section titled "Recent Developments" to learn how McCarron is dismantling labor from the inside out!
5   Link   Unhappy Carpenters
United Brotherhood of Carpenters union members unhappy with UBC moves!
6   Link   Steve Early Commentary
The Situational Ethics Of Union Raiding!
7   Link   AFL-CIO Addresses Raiding
The AFL-CIO debates the issue of union raiding.
8   Link   Carpenter Banners!
A misleading carpenter banner is called out!!
9   Link   All Over the Country!
Think the UBC scourge is local? Think again!
10   Link   New Unity Partnership
Quoted from this article:
"Four of these unions are in the AFL-CIO. The fifth, the Carpenters, left the federation in 2001 due to allegations of building trades raiding and other jurisdictional issues."


"This is a very, very important development,"said Herman Benson, long time executive director of the New York-based Association for Union Democracy. "Ever since the UBC left the AFL-CIO and joined the Change to Win coalition it was implicit that they had a long-term strategy of becoming a general construction union that would take on all the trades," he said. "This is the first indication I've seen that they will take on the IBEW, which is probably one of the strongest of construction unions. One of the most sacred things for the IBEW is the hiring hall. In effect, the Carpenters are offering employers a sweetheart deal to break into the electrical field and offering non-union contractors a union contract to use as a barrier against the IBEW."

Carpenters Offer a Deal to Electrical Contractors
St Louis Construction News and Real Estate Nov-Dec 2007