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UBC deserts organized labor!

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Carpenters Pension Fund

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On August 8, 2008 Terry Nelson squared off with Scott Crosby, leader of the Associated Builders and Contractors Association in an online "union" versus "non-union" debate moderated by Dave Glover of The Dave Glover Show on 97.1 FM. Here is Nelson gloating about the financial success of his pension fund:

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"No liability?" Sorry Nelson, the Treasury Department disagrees! Attached is a document dated March 10, 2010 from the U. S. Treasury Department mandating changes to the current status of the CDC's pension funds.

(If you prefer not to download these documents then just click-on the image)

icon Treasury Department Letter

No longer can carpenters retire early, start drawing their pension and continue to work in the trade - something commonplace before! Why are the carpenters spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to start an electrical division when their pension fund is flailing? The following document details the adjustments that are to be made to the fund.

icon Pension Adjustments

Please take the time to read the document below and then look closely at the highlighted sections of your unions expenditures in 2009 on this LM-2 Report. Please note: This file will open in your Internet browser or you can go to the downloads area and select the "view" tab.

St Louis Carpenters District Council 2009 LM-2

The Carpenters Pension Flyer

Download the Underfunded Pension Flyer

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"This is a very, very important development,"said Herman Benson, long time executive director of the New York-based Association for Union Democracy. "Ever since the UBC left the AFL-CIO and joined the Change to Win coalition it was implicit that they had a long-term strategy of becoming a general construction union that would take on all the trades," he said. "This is the first indication I've seen that they will take on the IBEW, which is probably one of the strongest of construction unions. One of the most sacred things for the IBEW is the hiring hall. In effect, the Carpenters are offering employers a sweetheart deal to break into the electrical field and offering non-union contractors a union contract to use as a barrier against the IBEW."

Carpenters Offer a Deal to Electrical Contractors
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