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UBC deserts organized labor!

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Sound Bites

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Below are various Nelson sound bites taken from his appearance on The Dave Glover Show on August 8, 2008. Once again please note the date as more than ten months after he unilaterally decided to start an electrical division of the CDC.

Here is Nelson claiming to "take care of" carpenters only!!??

This quote comes more than ten months after Nelson started to use the carpenter union label as a banner for non-union electrical contractors in St Louis (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) to hide behind. As these excerpts continue, you will see the contradictions.

In the following quote Nelson states that he only pickets jobs where the carpenters are being paid below the "area standard" wage rate. Do you see the hypocrisy here? Nelson will instruct his carpenters to stand at the entrance of a job site informing patrons entering that non-union carpenters working on the site are being paid below the prevailing wage rate or "area standard" (which the carpenters union has fought for years to improve) yet he will sign sweetheart deals with non-union electrical contractors (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT)  that pay anywhere from fifteen dollars and more below the "area standard" wage rate of IBEW union members??? Once again - if you illustrate this contrast to Nelson will it matter? This contrast should be obvious to any reasonable person. The long term consequences of Nelson's actions will eventually destroy the bargaining power of his own members:

If you are a union member in St Louis and you have firsthand knowledge of the Carpenters District Council in St Louis honoring a union picket that someone else had established, please contact the Local 57 (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) Facts team.

Understand that all of these excerpts are from ONE interview. In the sound byte above he talks about "area standard" wage pickets and here he "applauds" the non-union general contractors that "beat out" his signatory contractors during the bid process. We don't applaud people who do not pay ":area standards". Why picket these people and then applaud them?

In this next clip Nelson shares that he cannot carry every union in the United States. Well, we agree! If you listen one thing that should strike you as odd about these statements is that they are so contradictory to his actions. Does Nelson truly understand what he is saying? We are not sure since he seems to make these statements with such conviction. Did he forget that he started an electrical union to undercut the wages of the IBEW?:

Is Nelson bitter? Does he have an axe-to-grind? Well, listen to the disdain in his voice during this sound byte! Cutting off communications with labor cooperatives in St Louis is a disservice to his members. A leaders ego should  never trump what is in the best interest of the members:

Project Labor Agreements may be one of the reasons behind Nelsons personal disdain for the Building and Construction Trades Council in St Louis:

One of the statements that personally offended the Local 57 (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) Facts Administration Team was this antisemitic statement. Just another of the statements that those inside the labor movement perceived as a sign that Nelson is losing control:

And finally, the "Coup de grace" -

I think there is an entire website devoted to the anti-labor actions of the St Louis Carpenters District Council's leadership.It seems as if the Building Trades cares more about rank-and-file carpenters than their leadership!!

It is time all union members in St Louis become aware of the distortions that Nelson has exploited through local media outlets like the St Louis Post Dispatch, the St Louis and Illinois Business Journals, and radio and television news outlets. The Local 57 (non-AFL-CIO and non-BCT) Facts team implores everyone to check the FACTS before being duped into spreading the anti-labor message of Terry Nelson.

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"This is a very, very important development,"said Herman Benson, long time executive director of the New York-based Association for Union Democracy. "Ever since the UBC left the AFL-CIO and joined the Change to Win coalition it was implicit that they had a long-term strategy of becoming a general construction union that would take on all the trades," he said. "This is the first indication I've seen that they will take on the IBEW, which is probably one of the strongest of construction unions. One of the most sacred things for the IBEW is the hiring hall. In effect, the Carpenters are offering employers a sweetheart deal to break into the electrical field and offering non-union contractors a union contract to use as a barrier against the IBEW."

Carpenters Offer a Deal to Electrical Contractors
St Louis Construction News and Real Estate Nov-Dec 2007