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UBC deserts organized labor!

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Know Your Rights

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 A Carpenters Right to Free Speech

   Rank-and-file members of the St Louis Carpenters District Council are being warned of the penalties of wearing NO 57 hard hat stickers by their business representatives. The UBC leadership in St Louis is threatening these members with monetary fines and other disciplinary actions. These threats violate federal labor laws and a carpenters right to free speech. As a union carpenter if you decide to show your opposition to Nelson's 57 the Local 57 Facts team wants you to know there are places you can go for help. The thumbnail below contains a phone number that you can contact for assistance if your rights are violated:

Download the icon Know Your Rights! (48.75 kB) flyer!

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Last Updated on Monday, 26 July 2010 20:30  


WHEREAS, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters continues to pursue a "go it alone" policy and has acted in a manner inconsistent with the principles of solidarity, to the detriment of other building trades unions and the organized construction industry;

Segment from AFL-CIO Resolution 70