Local 57 Facts

UBC deserts organized labor!

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UBCJA ( 1 Files )

Voices of UBCJA members nationwide!

LM-2 ( 2 Files )

Labor Organization reports from the Department of Labor website.

Chaminade ( 2 Files )

Chaminade College Preparatory School in St Louis violates their own mission statement by selecting a contractor that pays far below the area wage standards.
St. Louis News Breaker

St. Louis News Breaker ( 3 Files )

A monthy news letter to keep the electricians in St. Louis abreast of the Breaking news.
KC / STL District Council Merger

KC / STL District Council Merger ( 1 Files )

Documents generated from the dismantling of the Kansas City Carpenters District Council.
Puck Lights

Puck Lights ( 3 Files )

Documents obtained through local government agencies proving Terry Nelsons claims that the IBEW is attempting to "legislate jurisdiction" are false.


St Louis Inspection Department

St Louis Inspection Department ( 1 Files )

Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act from St Louis government offices proving Terry Nelsons claims  regarding jurisdiction were used to deceive the St Louis construction community.
NLRA violators

NLRA violators ( 3 Files )

Legal settlement documents from the National Labor Relations Board detailing the violations and settlement between Mike Birkel's "Birkel Electric" and the St Louis carpenters union.

Billboards ( 3 Files )

Billboards designed to advertise the FACTS!
Public Relations

Public Relations ( 2 Files )

This new category contains copies of a massive advertising campaign meant to inform the public about the UBC's actions to undercut IBEW area wage standards in St Louis!


Apprenticeship ( 1 Files )

Letter from the Department of Labor's Bureau of Apprenticeship standards detailing the multiple problems with Nelson's 57 apprenticeship.

Carpenters Pension Fund

Carpenters Pension Fund ( 3 Files )

Documents detailing recent action by the Treasury Department due to CDC pension liabilities.

Flipping Book Downloads

Flipping Book Downloads ( 7 Files )

Portions of online flipping book documentation.


Flyers ( 9 Files )

Informational flyers created to educate union members.


"Because they told me I could give them my money, I could pay my per capita tax and I could come to their meetings, but I couldn't vote. I said,-...'Scuse me?"

Nelson responds to the Post Dispatch journalist Repps Hudson's question as to why the St Louis Carpenters District Council are not in the AFL-CIO. Hey Nelson, now you know how your rank-and-file carpenters feel!